CDM: welcome to aviation!

On February 2015, the CDM’s executive board met in Geneva. The flying industry, responsible for 12% of global emissions, will be included in new methodologies for calculating greenhouse gas in order to generate CER carbon credits for new projects included in the Clean Development Method. A question still remains : what socio-economics effects this new project will have ?


The development of other methodologies, especially for renewable energies or electrification was also discussed. The executive Board mentioned the reduction of entry costs of these projects in order to facilitate their use, mainly for agriculture.


In 10 years the CDM allowed to avoid 1,5 billion tons of CO2 through 7870 projects in 107 countries. Meanwhile, carbon’s price is at its lowest, mainly because of the lack of demand. It’s time to restart the CDM machine! It can be a very useful tool for the next Summit in Paris in December.