From extreme weather to climate forecasts

In January 2015, Africa and more precisely Cape Verde, Malawi and Mozambique have experienced unusual heavy rainfalls. Some weather stations have recorded rain levels approaching 400mm in one day. The floodings that occurred caused 300 deaths and 400 000 refugees displaced.
As stated by climatologists, these extreme events are another proof of the climate changes currently occurring on the African continent. Africa is one of the most vulnerable region to climate change: droughts, floodings, heat waves. All these elements make adaptation to climate change one of the most vital stakes for Africa.

Weather or Climate ?

Meteorological data enable us to know instantly the weather forecast. Climate data on the other side is the analysis of data on the long term. That is why extreme weather can happen but extreme climate is highly unusual.

Putting weather observations in perspective on a few decades makes it possible to draw conclusions on the global climate’s evolution.

The sum of meteorological extreme data is part of the bigger picture : climate predictions.